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Crime, mischief, general malaise; these problems just won’t go away. But what to do about your graphic design needs? Is it true that designers possess super-powers and the ability to read minds? No, but you can call Tim McMahan and you’ll find an expert in print and website design. Tim uses his abilities with the latest design technologies to bring about engaging and empowering design.

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Super Powers

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Print Design

There’s nothing like paper in hand that makes an impression.  But having your print piece delivered correctly from your printer is no small feat. Whether you want to create brochures, catalogs, newsletters or a letterhead set; call Tim. He’ll get it done.  Banner and signage? No problem.


Web Design

If you’re not on the web you’ve unfortunately been cursed by an invisibility spell.  Tim has the power to make you seen.  With engaging designs and an easy to use interface you can make your own edits and updates. Got something to sell? No problem.  Is your site broken and your previous designer cast away into the forbidden zone? That’s okay too, Tim can get your site back online.  Wordpress expertise is where it starts but by no means where it ends.

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Logo Design

It’s the first thing people know about you.  Don’t mess it up!  Get started on the right foot with a statement that defines you in all the right ways.  Tim has a process and the skills to give you a winning design that’s sure to impress.

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Web Design