Tackling Jesus

With my tongue firmly planted in my cheek I sent this email to the owner of this store Sadly, no response. What I really want to know is, who does that kid think he is, tackling Jesus?


To: jim@cooperstowngifts.com
Subject: Jesus Inspirational Sports Statues

I saw the Jesus Inspirational Sports Statues on your web site. The craftsmanship of these figures appears to be quite excellent but I have a concern in the message they convey. Why is Jesus not wearing any protective equipment in any of these figures? Is it really wise to portray the Savior with the message that a helmet while playing football or hockey is not necessary? Jesus is obviously some one children want to emulate. This is evident by the popularity of WWJD bracelets. How is a mother to respond when her child says that Jesus doesn’t think it’s important to wear a batting helmet while playing baseball, so why should she? Children are quite impressionable and are quick to pick up on these subtle signals.

I’m sure on my theology on this. Jesus was fully man and thus able to be hurt, even in light-hearted athletic activity. I think it would be only responsible for you to take these figures out of your inventory and demand the manufacturers amend this negligent oversight immediately. I’m quite sure that you agree with me that it would be unfortunate if any child were to ever get hurt as a result of a message they learned from these artistic yet dangerous figures.

I look forward to hearing how you resolve this issue.