“Does God Exist?” DVD Cover Design

debatedvd-mockup I got a recent design assignment that was exciting and an honor.  I was asked to design the DVD cover for the recent Christopher Hitchens / William Lane Craig debate “Does God Exist?”

I was really happy with the design concept that was chosen. The design requirement stated that the size of the event should be communicated on the cover.  There were a number of crowd shots available, but this one was not as busy as those and still communicated the large crowd in attendance.  I love the simplicity that I was able to maintain on the cover.

My other concepts can be seen below.  I described them as one I was told to do, one I wanted to do, and one I hoped they picked.


You can buy the DVD by going here. The DVD comes with a free audio mp3 of the debate.

It was a fun project and I’m really proud of the end results.