Heroic Designs – May 2009


Simply Smashing

I’ve found an online magazine, Smashing Magazine, that I feel I can draw a lot of inspiration from. I wanted to point out some great articles that I thought you might enjoy.

  • Looking for some new fonts to dress up your files? These 15 fonts are not only high quality, they’re also free. Enjoy, just don’t use them all at once.
  • Want some eye-candy? Here are some beautiful spring pictures. Take in these 35 (really) stunning photos if you still want more.
  • If those pictures inspired you, learn these 50 incredible photo techniques. You can learn how to take pictures just like these.
  • Looking to get your website to sell better? Check out these 8 useful tips to help your website convert more sales.
  • Finally, check out these creative logos for some great inspiration.

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Top Gun Day

maverick-thumbs-up-large-160x160Did you buzz the tower on May 13? If not that means you missed “Top Gun Day”. Don’t worry, if you still feel the need for speed, you can celebrate next year. Mark it on your calendar now, May 13, 2010. Maverick and Goose have got game of beach volleyball all set up for you.