Top Ten Saturday Night Live Recurring Characters of All Time

As a devoted Saturday Night Live fan, I’ve probably seen almost every episode since 1987. In tribute to my favorite show I thought I’d put this definitive list together. This is THE LIST of the top ten characters of all time. There are no others. Don’t even bother debating it.

10. Hanz and Franz

Millions of Arnold Schwarzeneggar impersonations owe their lives to Hanz and Franz

9. Stuart Smalley

People are still saying it.

8. Celebrity Jeopardy

Will Ferrell plays the straight man and Darrell Hammond gets all the laughs

7. Church Lady

Dana Carvey saves SNL from permanent cancellation, isn’t that special.

6. Samurai warrior

The first reoccuring character belongs to John Belushi

5. Coffee Talk

Mike Myers imitates his mother-in-law and it’s like buhta.

4. George and Yortunk Festrund

Steve Martin and Dan Aykroyd deliver the first SNL catch phrase that caught national attention.

3. Buckwheat

This character made Eddie Murphy a star.

2. Wayne’s World

I will always love Mike Myers for this.

1. Matt Foley

Chris Farley at his very best

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