Top Ten Saturday Night Live Characters That Were Only Funny Once

At first glance, this list is a slam on all of these characters, but it’s really a celebration. I loved all of them. The problem was that none of them had enough substance to really carry a return appearance. Every time they came back on it was just the same old jokes again. Maybe we can put the blame on the writers for not finding anything new for them. Great characters that seemed to only have one note.

10. The Cheerleaders

Yes, cheerleaders who can’t help it that they’ve got so much school spirit are funny. For at least a year and a half this was the only thing SNL had that was any good and they made sure to over do it.

9. Mango

Funny catch phrase, but we’re so lucky they didn’t make a movie out of it.

8. The Antonio Banderas Show

NO! NO! Antonio! Too sexy! Too sexy. . . .Ahhh but I must.

7. Debbie Downer

I’m still making the sound effect. Eventually what became the best part of the sketch was watching Rachel Dratch try not to break character.

6. Roxbury Guys

The first time they did this with Jim Carey it was really funny and we were all relieved they weren’t running two cheerleader sketches in one night. But really Lorne Michaels, you’re going to make a movie out of a couple of guys bopping their heads? REALLY? SNL doesn’t even put these characters on their own website.

5. Mary Katherine Gallagher

Molly Shannon is funny, but you’re going to make a movie out of a girl falling on a stack of chairs and showing her underwear? Check out Jeanie Darcy while you’re at it.

4. Richmesiter – Makin Copies

No videos exist of this one, but we all know it. It’s been burned into our brains. I think this entire list could have been made up of Chris Kattan and Rob Schneider videos

3. Kaitlin

RICK! RICK! RICK! RICK! I still love it

2. Nooni and Nuni

Couldn’t find much on this but there’s just something funny about weird European accents and the subtleties of the word “Nuni” If only there was more to it.

1. Pat

The joke was very funny, but you knew the entire punchline in the promo video.

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