Christian Genocide Shirt

After seeing many people change their Facebook profile pictures into the Arabic letter “Nun” in support of Christians being persecuted by ISIS I thought people might like shirts that bear the same symbol.  I created a design and posted it to TeeSpring and saw some great interest.  The campaigns only run for a limited time but with enough interest the shirts can be reissued.  The shirts are meant to show solidarity with fellow believers who are being targeted by Muslim extremist because of their faith.  50% of profits benefit The Voice of the Martyrs which promotes the plight of persecuted Christians around the world.  If you click here you can order a shirt for yourself.  They are available in Men’s and Women’s styles.

One Facebook commenter was disturbed and offended by the shirts.  Knowing the symbol is meant to be derogatory she was offended that anyone would promote the symbol. I think she failed to understand that Christians are choosing to bear the symbol in solidarity with those being hurt by it.  While some might wish to make it a symbol of shame and suffering, we can make it a symbol of hope and peace.  Which is exactly what Jesus did with the cross.  He turned something that means death and into something that means life. The symbol reminds us to pray when we have no influence.

Nun Christian symbol