20 Lame Things I Thought Were Ruining My Childhood

These aren’t things that actually ruined my childhood. I had a great childhood. But at the time, I couldn’t imagine life getting worse than living with this stuff.

20. Plastic Man

19. Having To Pay Double at The Arcade for After Burner


18. That Kid on “Small Wonder”

Brother on Small Wonder

17. Montgomery Ward

Montgomery Ward

16. Sunscreen


15. The Uniforms for the Houston Astros and Chicago White Sox

Astros Whitesox Uniforms

14. Not Hearing My Name at the End of Romper Room

Romper Room Magic Mirror

13. Socks for Christmas


12. Noticing the Differences between Donkey Kong on Atari and Colecovision

Donkey Kong Atari Colecovision

11. Wax Lips

Wax Lips

10. The Wonder Twins
Wonder Twins

9. The Kids Who Committed Suicide After Playing Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons

8. My Brother Unplugging the Atari as I Was About to Roll the Score on Asteroids

Atari Asteroids

7. Dropping My Snow Cone in Front of a Bully After a T-Ball Game

snow cone

6. Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter

5. My First Piano Lesson

Piano Lesson

4. Going to Bed Early Because of the End of Daylight Saving Time and Missing “The Barbara Mandrell Show”

Barbara Mandrell Show

3. E.T. The Video Game for Atari

E.T. Atari

2. Carrot-Raisin Salad

Carrot Raisin Salad

1. Scrappy Doo

Scrappy Doo